Our Mission

We love foreign trade!  We assist manufacturers and producers regarding of size expand and grown into new foreign markets.

Global Exports and Trade, LLC is an intermediary company that works closely with US manufacturers and producers to introduce the products they produce into foreign markets.  For thoses currently exporting, chances are that you are only exporting to one region.  To counter this, working closely with an experience EMC can help increase export revenue in foreign markets not yet explored.  Companies considering exporting for the first time, by introducing your products abroad you add a new revenue stream while being very competitive in the domestic market. 

How we operate

Global Exports and Trade LLC – functions as both an Export  Management Company (EMC) and Export Trading Company (ETC).


As an Export Management Company (EMC) – we operate as the foreign trade division for manufacturers and producers of American made products. Global Exports and Trade, LLC seeks out sales opportunities in foreign market and coordinate the sale, shipment and export of your products abroad. Essentially, we act like a sales representatives overseas and additionally consult in all aspects of the export transaction.

As an Export Trading Company (ETC) – functions in much as the same way as an EMC.  In addition, we have established relations of prospective client seeking US made products.